On Saturday We Love to Lust

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LustWe don’t have to plan for it because it’s Saturday, let’s just make it happen, spontaneously that’s the fun of Saturday we don’t have to pre plan for anything because planning makes it’s all boring because we already have an idea of what will happen and how it will happen but because this day is a free day of fun let’s not plan, let’s just follow the flow of our mind, whatever it says and however it says it. No rules no boundaries.

Life without plan is fun, you’ll be taking by surprise every time, that thrills will not depart from you, that joy of not knowing what will happen next will always be the groove and you just live in the moment without missing a thing, really, planning takes the whole time and loose taste of the fun, the expectations ruins the groove, it will be like you’ve already live the moment before the moment itself but living without knowing what the next moment holds just put that surprise on your face.

Making Love

So tonight let’s hold hands like it’s the last time, let’s kiss like that’s what we are created for, let’s make love and dance to the music of the night, let’s eat and merry, let’s talk about our fantasies not even our dreams this night, let’s talk about the impossible things that we can make possible, about the pleasure we can both give, the taste of the lipstick even the taste of the wine on your lips.

Let’s make it a movie, lets make it interesting, we are the actors and the directors, like in the movie inception let’s create new path that will lead us to limbo, the place where we will spend the eternity of tonight, the lust in our eyes let’s make it last forever like we are stuck in this place for life, just us two. Life is beautiful let’s make it so tonight, let’s make it more pretty with the juice flowing nonstop and our sultry talk like it’s scripted, romantic like it’s a poem, the dirty words too.

Saturday Sex

On Saturday we love to lust, on this day we love the indoor unplanned love making, let’s make love not war.