Ono Bello in 7thAvenue by Cateline Esther and Semande

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Ono Bello Let’s talk about Wearing Nigerian Brands, let’s talk about the rising brands that’s making us proud and making us appreciate fashion and the skills of sewing and taking our mind and thought away from what “tailors” can do with your clothes, these brands are making our wardrobe rock.

So don’t worry if you can’t afford the big brands and you still want to look trendy and stylish, these growing brands are beating our imaginations with the designs they’re coming up with, you’ll almost don’t want to wear the big brands because they’ll give you everything you’ll want in those big brands.7thAvenue by Cateline Esther

So 7thAvenue by Cateline Esther made this Skirt which Ono Bello wore in her latest photo of the “Buy Nigerian Brand” campaign and she was looking lovely paired with a sheer top from Semande and a metallic nude heels and gorgeous she’s looking.

I am wearing pieces from two talented upcoming brands; the intricate sheer top is by Nigerian-UK based brand Semande (Instagram: @yemisiolaiya) which I have paired with the “Uwa” skirt from 7thAvenue by Cateline Esther (Instagram: @seventhavenue_) – Ono Bello

Semande So what do you think? Well, they say fake it till you make it, I’ll say you don’t need to fake it, all you need to do is be stylish and smart and you can find brands like  7thAvenue by Cateline Esther and Semande and many more brands like these that’ll make you look like a million bucks and you’ll be real and stylish and respected.

Stay Stylish and be a Fashion Girl.