Our Body in Fashion 

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Often times people ask how does clothes heal and I wonder how does it not? Clothes are the biggest healer of pride and bruised ego. Clothes sets you free (it just open the gate and let you out) Human body are beautiful, well crafted clothes do wonders to those body. We often worry about the pain of our world and what and what we don’t have, why don’t you just wear clothes and look at yourself in the mirror and smile, happy your sorrow away, let your clothes find you the happiness you desire. Life is incomplete without your body, your body can’t exist without you and all of you depends on your body, it’s what you are, what you’ll ever be, the beautiful you’ll ever know.

Maybe you were meant to be this way, maybe you are another version of beautiful the world is yet to discover, Chantelle Winnie is one beautiful human the world did not know before now, who ever thought a lady having bears is sexy, Harnaam is pretty. 

How we enjoy our body is the greatest fun on earth, how the clothes fit and react to every movement of the body, how pretty they make you feel and they make people’s imagination. Oftentimes we are expected to contribute to the world to make it a better place, the little we can contribute is our body, our pride. Clothes are meant to remind us of the fact that we are wonderful and we are just the best, we are not meant to forget that.

Clothes are not meant to cover your nakedness, the body is beautiful to be worn around, clothes are meant to feed our body life, to feed our ego and passion to real. 

Designers are like prophets, they see different bodies and make them beautiful, they put smile on your body. They dream of your body every night, they worship what your body is like when you wear their clothes, many of them strive to make your body more beautiful, they work for your body, they don’t want to get over the obsession they have over your body, they just love it.

You might probably be living in that skin for what seems like eternity, it’s just like old wine, it’s supposed to be better over time, just look a little dip inside, search and find yourself, set yourself free. The bullies are jealous of you that’s why they bully, the shammers wonder how you found your body joy that’s why they shame, they’re too blind to see, too hateful to discover how awesome different bodies and skin tone are. Nobody can tell you what your body is like, it’s your body, it’s your throne, rule your world.