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Rekana For us fashion is the expression of the truth we hold in our heart, the depiction of how we see clothes and how it can better our personality and fit our ego to present us to the world differently every time, the mixing of trends and layering, wearing the designer that interpret our ideas with fabrics and designs to fit our activity of the day, all we always want in clothes is to make us a better person, to scoop the complement from you with ease, fashion is our expression, it’s the life we live and we love it.Kimono

Falling in love is a sweet experience, loving a collection by a designer is like falling in love for the first time, you always can’t get enough of it, just as we can’t get enough of the Rekana collection by Sharon Ojong, this collection is the twist our wardrobe need right now, the artistic charm and the glamour of each piece, this collection describe the African women differently and we love her definition.

From the corporate vibe, to the stylish and artistic feel, like the popular quote that advised us to dress like we’re famous, this collection from Rekana makes us feel like we are famous already.African Woman

Inspired by friends, fast-fashion and fast cars, the debut collection “REKANATED” tells a day-to-night story of a group of bold, unique and ambitious and today’s women who are on-the-go!

Ama Time – Rise+BloomPajama Fashion

Hauwa – Somewhere in LagosNew Fashion

Hikarofem – To Forever FriendshipLagos Fashion

Omolara – Mogul and PhilanthropistTrendy Fashion

Affiong – All Round BadassSuperNova

Ntete – Supernova  New Women


Nigeria Women Fashion

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