Our Reality Under the Stars

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Midnight Seduction

It’s a different night tonight

Beautiful with stars shinning in the dark as we sit beneath it

Hopes and dreams we talk about

Fashion and lifestyle

Sex and freedom, groove and happiness

On high we style different stars in streetstyle

We nurse the idea of stars making love.

The idea of romance between stars in the open, in the sky

Teaching humanity how shinny we can be everyday like them.

Eyes will always watch you they whisper to us as we sit

Eyes will always watch you they repeat, they will always judge

Judge yourself first, be incorruptible judge

Act like you’re a star, don’t care about the eyes watching

Be concern about not losing your shine remaining real

Like us the star said

Eyes will always watch the star said again, thrill them every-time like we do you

Make them wonder, make them pause, make them stare

You are a star like us

You watch us at night, we see you too

Entertain us with your style, love and lust

Make us wish to be humans, just as you wish to be a star

You are a star and you shine bright too.