Our Wardrobe and Us

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Fashion GirlOne of the major challenges in the fashion industry is the constant production of clothes and how affordable it is for the customers that wear and buy these clothes. The industry have shape our mind to make us think we need more every time, in every season, because new items are been released every fashion week, almost making the items from the previous fashion week outdated and already you’ll want these new pieces to make you look trendy and recent, so you buy more, even when you don’t need it but because you can’t afford not owning that piece, you buy for keep, for future use.

Creativity when not harnessed frustrates and make one miserable and chattered but when harnessed the vibe flows and you tend to create non-stop, that’s the vibe of this industry, you get better every time, every season, dishing out your ideas for people to own and to look awesome just as your ego want and to satisfy theirs too. The creative directors create non-stop because that’s their life and that’s their job, so they dream and make fashion, trends that entice people and breed styling ideas for fashion lovers and really they’ll be glad if you can own it all, from every collection, yes because of the profit they’ll make and also it shows the appreciation of their creativity.Street Style

Our ego influence most of our decision, our passion and crave and brand and our image also influence what we shop and how we dress, the designers are always there for us to satisfy our want, it’s just for us to make our choice or our personal shopper to make those decision for us, often times our heart want what it want and what you see register in your mind and that’ll be all you’ll think about until you finally have it “Laws of Attraction” and soon the wardrobe increase in size that we even forget what we own and for some the tough choice of what to wear will be the new headache and for some it’s the vibe of non-stop wearing of beautiful combos, becoming trend yourself. But really it’s not about the constant buying, that’s fashion, it’s about style and that’s the creativity you ought to have, to maximize the quality and beauty of what you buy, fashion says me too but style say only me, so it’s not the many buy, it’s about the wearing.Ebony Fashion Girl

Most fashion bloggers will advise you to give out what you’ve not worn in three months, to detox your wardrobe and make it free a little, but really the trend will never stop because creative directors won’t stop creating and won’t stop posting on their social media account and creating beautiful ads to entice you, they will always create because that’s their job, so it’s left for you to make a good decision of how to shop, while we wait for a genus to change how we’ll be able to wear all those beautiful clothes they produce without congesting our wardrobe.

So since the creative directors will continue to produce, and we’ll love to own, let’s shop what we need and stay trendy.