Outfit of the Day

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You’ll know one when you see one, you can’t take your eyes of one when you see one, the double look at the outfit and the person wearing the outfit, you’ll always know the outfit of the day when you see one.

She’ll make you wish for her body and make you wish for her sense of style too, alive and vibrant in every outfit but this outfit of this day is everything, the brown wrap gown and the denim boot and her hat, the smile on her face and the poise of her body as she gracefully pose for the camera.

If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything – Susan Kaittany

Right now boots is everything, it just fit every mood and outfit, with your girly charm like that of Susan you can’t go wrong, tap into her vibe and slay like her.

Hair @poshpalacekenya

Styling @letoya_johnstone

Photo @kuyohphotography

Makeup @willycollinsmua

Shoes @backyardshoez

Outfit @ikojnlive

Photos from her Instagram page @susankaittany