Pant Roll

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This is one trend that’s gradually complementing male fashion. It’s a classic combination trend and you can’t just help but call the attention of people to what you are wearing with no socks atimes and sometimes with colourful socks to compliment your already look.
A style born on the shores of the Mississippi has been reinvented for the streets of Bushwick which is now a universal trend around the world for men.
For Pant Roll no formal shoes.
No rolled-up skinny jeans.
No wool pants – the rolls won’t stay.
No bootleg pants, which should be burned anyway lol.
And since rolled pants are meant to look casual, nothing about the outfit should be dressy.
Give the cuffs a squeeze, a twist, and a gentle pull to rustle them a bit. After all, this is supposed to look like it was done in a hurry.
It was not meant to be dressy but the trend is already taking a different turn and you’ll love to see how dressy the trend is looking now.

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