Photo of the day; Harnaam Kaur Redefining Beauty

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Harnaam Kaur This photo made my day already and this photo defines beauty, she just redefined the meaning of beauty, the meaning that’s different from what the society has tagged or depict the meaning to be.

Scrolling through her Instagram profile, pictures that’ll leave you speechless you’ll come across and her journey of where she is right now, she falling in love with her body and the many attempt of wanting to destroy the body.

Every time she teaches us something different and new, right now she just showed us what beauty is.

You’ve just set your eyes on a woman who was so abused that she felt the need to be free of the person that she is. To become someone else in order to fit in or blend.

I used to hate everything about my skin. Even thinking about it and writing about it now makes me sick. I know my skin is watching the words that I write about her. Fact is, the things that I was made to feel ashamed about are the exact same things that I wholeheartedly love and adore! MY stretch marks, MY scars, MY hair, MY vitiligo, MY EVERYTHING! That what we wish we could’ve changed when we were young, is exactly what makes us who we are when we are older! We mature and realise what is important in life!
What legacy will you leave behind? What will people recognise or know you for? How are you helping to change your world?

In my skin I win, I conquer, I am Free! In my skin I am complete!

– Harnaam Kaur

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