Photo of the Day; Precious John Shot by Spotlight PI

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Precious John Approved words most times can’t explain situations perfectly in life, somethings you’ll see, you’ll use compliments like it’s awesome maybe beautiful, that’s almost the highest compliment in the approved list of words, but somethings will wow you, just like love at first sight and you’ll need a perfect exact word to describe the situation trust me you’ll probably not find it in the list of approved words, but the word “Fuck” as an exclamation and a suffix to compliment another word and to compliment a piece will give you that satisfaction of complimenting, this photo is one of those photos you’ll use that word for, as a polite and honest compliment because you’re just being real to your intuition, but the photo really is beautiful, I mean fucking pretty, I miss Temi DollFace.

Nigeria Photographers Funny how things make our day, this photo actually did, not like a bad day but one of those days that’s got no magic, aside from maybe the communication between the loved ones, but at this time a spark is needed and Instagram always have a way of giving you that spark and so I came across this photo of Precious John shot by Spotlight PI, immediately I know I have photo of the day, it was the perfect photo that interpret the vibe needed for the day.

Pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. – Maya Angelou

Fashion is a beautiful art and really like that Anna Wintour’s quote it’s either you know it or you don’t and if you know it, your life will never remain the same, it will be glamorous every time and people will love the life you live that they won’t be able to take their eyes off you and the art you make, they’ll enjoying staring at you because you’ll definitely make it worth their while just as this photo is worth our while.

Precious John is the model that’s making us wish right now, the Temi DollFace vibe she brought to life in this monochrome photo, like a model from the old French 20s but in 2018 with the confidence the women of now possess. The people on your timeline determine how beautiful your timeline is and what you double tap on, this kind of photo you’ll joyfully double tap on and your thumb will love you for it.

Styling and Musing – Precious John
MakeUp by Cass Koncept1
Hair Art by Ceezy Styling
Photography and Directing by Spotlight PI

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