Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

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Harmattan by Motolani Olorungbon It’s really interesting how feelings are attached to things, to everything, how when you remember some moments many things come along with it, the weather and even the clothes and activities of the moment, the feelings too, sexy, emotional, sad, sorrowful or sultry and happy and in the party mood, even the songs of the moment you recall, it’s a ripple effect, memories, guess that’s why we’re advised to do crazy so that when you remember those moments you feel happy and a hint of the feelings of that moment and it can be a lift to a bad day.

Christmas Photography

So it’s Winter for them and Harmattan for us, when it’s Christmas over there, it’s snowy time, the cold, the jackets, the boot and coats, it’s the season of layering and red, red is always the color of the season and it’s never boring, you’ll love red more during this season because that’s all you’ll see, even in lights and decorations, and green too, the Christmas trees and ornaments, for us here it’s the dry cool breeze, dry and breaking lips with a hint of heat in the weather, brown after effects of harvest, drying leaves and corn stuck, harsh crushing of falling leaves when walk on them, hazy white that gives temporary gray hair, clothes are charged that they spark sometimes during this time, but you’ll love it, the life and the style of wearing clothes, selection of clothes this time you give a deep thought, but the red, they make the season beautiful every time, the Christmas carols and the mood for adventure, the traveling and family reunion, the fun and the interesting confidence that comes with your fashion at this time.

Christmas Girl

For us in Nigeria it doesn’t snow during Christmas. When harmattan approaches it’s a reminder that Christmas is close.

For someone that captures moments, the vibe can be renewed in different ways, can be interpreted with art because she has experience it in different phase and time, so interpreting the season for her comes with a different vibe, the memories and feel of same celebration but different weather feel at the same time in this place we call earth, bringing nature to play.

Editorial Photos

So she took it to nature, to the dry harvested farm land, feeling earth, mixing it with fashion and lens and attitude and red and gladiator sandals, the look in the model’s eyes, her glossy lips to prevent her lips from breaking, making her reflect her joy for nature and Harmattan and the season too.

For her she lust for earth, for nature, preserving it the best way she can, the memories of it even, capturing beautiful moments with nature, let’s preserve earth, let’s love her….. Photography by Motolani Olorungbon