Playing Dress Up

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Summer FashionBest dress up moment are usually fun with friends of like mind, the crazy, fun and fashion obsessed clique, they make life go round and a chill bottle of champagne is never a bad idea too, with the blunt, a perfect dress up moment is in the making, everything just becomes beautiful and attractive, the right mood for the dress you just possess, enjoying every outfit, every moment, the fashion clique friendship.

It’s the last days of the month next week and Red Summer is next week Saturday, we are moving to the party season and the rain will be heavy and on a constant this coming month so raincoat, cardigans, jacket and boot is still one trend you’ll see more during this time, mixing trends to fit the weather of the day.

Vasace BootThe anticipation of a new look is usually the thrills and the appreciation of the design and the designer too and the creativity of our styling. Styling with no fashion rules, dressing up with open mind, loving the body and it fit, the feel of different fabrics on the skin, comfort and lust for fashion, the idea of what to look like to fit the image of every day, every outing and for Red Summer next week Saturday, it’s playing dress up for the next two weeks that’s yet to come.