Portrait of Tolu Bally by Felix Crown

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Like she’s from the nude world of glamour and exotic allure, graciously she pose for the camera with a beautiful smiling face that express the joy of self and the pleasure of a pretty clothe that exhibit the charm of her body and her silhouette, her body fits into the background like a work of art, that exhibit the aura of her person, of her idea of humanity.

The visions of her thoughts you’ll want to imagine as she look lust in her dreams of what is to come, of the image of her goals, her passion and the joy of the moment, the flashes of the light and the long stare of the lens of the photographer to capture her in the moment, her true moment with the expression that foretell her identity.

The innocent naive vibe of a mind that knows how to satisfy her passion and her goals with every detail that will translate the thoughts in her head to reality, the nude reality of her ego, of her persona, soft nude vibe.

From the angelic point of view translated into a human point of view with the glory of the celestial vibe the photographer shoot the nude Influenced photos, soft and full of attractive details of her outfit.

Photography by Felix Crown

Model – Tolu Bally