Pretty Plus

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Sexy Plus Size

Pretty, tender and soft are not the conventional ways to describe a woman, especially when she’s that, you get intimidated to tell her all these.

The society has made us limit our description of beautiful, planted in our head the idea of beauty. They created cultures and values to make us love our body less, dress less to appear sad and unfashionable. They set our minds to whom we’re supposed to be if we are beautiful. Uniforms make us have a particular look every time, a responsible decent look you’ll see in her every time she’s wearing a uniform but you can tell she’s different. She defines beauty differently, what the society has not define beauty and beautiful body as, she’s confident about her body.

We’re noticed less when we are not a particular size or not wearing a brand of cloth. Society and fashion make girls suffer themselves to fit into a size to be cool and sexy. The issue of sexy they treat sacred and decent, you can only be sexy to your lover indoor, cliché is what society has made us become. Some sizes are defined hot. These ideology have been planted into the brain of men believing that our girlfriends are hot when her body is banging and obvious, a size zero, model like; how they’ve limit beauty of the female body. All these have different impact on her, her smile displays her joy, her eyes reveals her beauty, her lips the reflection of how much she appreciates her life.

Sexy Plus Size

Bigger size people suffer bad and negative body image, they carry it everywhere they go, their choice of wardrobe even, they dress like no one will notice me after all. Wonder what happen to the reality that we are humans created in his image. We are human, beautiful in any size and shape, she reminds us of that every time, she’ll make your look worth your while, trendy, edgy, casual with a luxurious taste of sophistication.

A lot have been done to better the image representation of different bodies around the world, but the media focus on those in spotlight neglecting the everyday girls on the street, in classrooms, at the mall, that regular girl who save for weeks to buy her taste, the girl that feed to survive not caring what being healthy means. We don’t have to strive much to appreciate the person we are. The everyday girl have dreams, that’s why she smile with hope, the reason she dress freely and pretty wearing what she wants not what the society wants her to wear. She means her yes not allowing the beliefs of humans, doctrines and culture to put her in a closed box where she can be cheated and blackmail.

Most plus size issue is I’m not sexy, not attractive, not hot, can’t find my size of clothes, my body is not perfect to be displayed in public. Like Marilyn said, the body is too beautiful to be hidden. She’s that, her body is beautiful and you’ll wish for her, confidence you’ll see in her every time. Her smile reveals her dentition and reassures you of how big, how blue, how beautiful.