Pryamine And The Pride of Her Body

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Sexy Plus SizeNudity is a serious topic not only in my society but around the world and some people respect it while many will kill you for it because the world has made us see how wrong it is. The society have different morals they want to inculcate in us, a standard way they want us to behave and act like, neglecting our struggles and pride and the reason behind who we are.

The early stage of falling in love is always a beautiful thrill, you flaunt your love everywhere, Davido and Chioma are good example of love thrills and we wish the fire of their love not to die any time soon, like experiencing the early stage of love, when you finally fall in love with your body, you flaunt it everywhere because it’s at that time you know and understand the beauty of you and your body, our body is us and if we don’t love our body enough, nobody will, even if they try to, you’ll give them the wrong vibe but because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they know what they’re seeing, you just have to see it too.Plus Size

The idea of nudity, most times people see it as seduction only, well, while some are meant for that purpose some are just art and act of appreciating the body we live in, posing and posting nude and lingerie photos online is not a new culture but understanding it is still difficult for some, not even many are bold enough to show off their body, even some that still cover their body with clothes, not all are proud of their body, but when you find someone that’s proud of their body, you’ll know because they’ll make you wish for their body.Pryamine

So let’s be sexy, let’s be bold and love and flaunt our body because it’s ours, it’s our house and that was what caught my attention the very first day I stumble on Pryamine Instagram account, she’s not your everyday girl, she’s bold and confident with her body, her videos and photos shows she’s proud of her body, her confidence is contagious and her sense of sexy her followers connect to, she’s the vibe of a new world changing the understanding of body confident, even in this harsh society that tend not to understand why we should love our body so much to put it on display, but most times they tend to forget that humans became shy of their body as a result of sin, it was after the sin of the first humans that they became ashamed of their nakedness, so basically it’s our sin that make us understand nudity and sexiness differently.Plus size body activists

Her photos will catch your attention, they have their own kind of vibe and the pride of an African girl you’ll see in them, civilized and proud of the body she own, raw and real. If you love who you are, flaunt you, be proud of you because that’s the starting point of making this place a better, because it’s only when you are happy and confident about your personality and body, that’s the only time you’ll be able to affect the world and make history.

You are your body and it’s all about love, if you can love your body, you can love the world and you can change the world, be your body.