Push Up Bra 1880

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Wonderbra may have made traffic stopping cleavage popular. But it appears the push up bra dates all the way back to 1880.
  A padded brassiere, discovered in storage at the Science Museum, in London, is believed to be the first ever breast enhancer, designed to give women a more shapely bust in the same way as a modern-day Wonderbra. The white undergarment, consisting of two round white pads joined by a large piece fabric, is fastened behind the back by a strap and was designed and made in Europe. It is flamboyantly decorated with lace and feathers.

The bra did not become commonplace until 1907, when it featured in Vogue. Until then, it would have been a luxury item only available to wealthier women, and made to measure.
Cup sizes as we know them, denoted by letter, were not introduced until the 1930s in the U.S. The underwear forms part of a collection on display in a glass cabinet containing various 19th century cosmetic devices.
Among them are cheek plumpers for women who had lost their teeth, false eyebrows made from mouse fur and patches to cover scars and spots.


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