Putting My Feelings into Words

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Model – Adesua

How do I put my feelings into words

I’d rather not

maybe I should just bury them

& write poetry instead

— tqs

Words sometimes can say just little of what’s on your mind, the lust and the love, the crave and the want.

Writing poetry is writing my idea of you

Of what I think of you

Your hold and your breath

Your strong perfume and skin

The soft sound you make

And how you make me laugh and blush

You make me not to worry about time and nothing

Just us at that moment

We are all that matters

In the middle of the night when you wake

The stare in your eyes

And how you watch me sleep

Can’t help but tell you all my secret while I sleep because its safe with you

Those midnight conversations you made me addicted to

You are the definition of sweet night rest

Your arms are comforting

Your lips bring life to the sleeping me

Even the half awake me in the morning when the sun rises

Eternity is what you make me crave with you

Where we’ll never end

Where your voice will be the only voice I’ll hear for that eternity

And you make me feel sure that I’ll never be bored

Because you’re a bunch of surprise every time

Unpredictable you

Let’s do this forever

Let’s stay young and beautiful

In lust and in love

My heart writes to you every time

My words are always of you