Queen C. Star’s Art of Patterns

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Patterns of Fabrics The creation of every art is usually the reflection of the energy we possess inside at the time, the ideas that rules our mind and the vibe we have directing us and moving our hands just as it has shape our mind and our thought at the time, art is usually a piece of it’s creator, plain and true, they hold the emotions and true feelings of its creator and that’s why they are always beautiful and true when you behold them, you can’t help but love them most times.

Just as the new world is been ruled by computers and digitalization, the creation of art these days comes in digital format that still carry the real identity and vibe of art, the true essence of the creator and her ideas during the creating process.

Queen C Star

Patterns, her present vibe of digital art at the moment, images and works that stuck its imagery in your memory, you picture them on almost anything even on clothes and on skin even, just like the body art trend that the world is loving at the moment, lights and sounds and rhythms you can see, the smooth vibrations of energy, the happy groovy vibrations too, this pieces will make you pause to want to understand more, even in their simple state, as it’s believed that simple things are usually the hardest to understand because they always hold a gigantic amount of informations that can be ridiculous to the ordinary mind, but art is beautiful every time.

Beautiful Art

For Queen C. Star her illustrations tap into you, the flow of her works connects to your consciousness and you can’t help but appreciate the creativity. While some portrays infinity with an end, patterns of lines, choice of colors and her interpretation of her visions, artists see ahead too and they hold on to what they see, that’s the art they create, the art that we love, they help us connect to their mind to spark a discussion and also to spark an idea, she helps our mind to think as our eyes sees.Infinity Art by Queen C. Star