Queen of Disaster

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Lana Del ReyWhat you do to me is indescribable,
Got me sparkling just like an emerald.
Set my soul on fire, make me wild,
Like the deep blue sea.

No other boy ever made me feel beautiful,
When I’m in your arms, feels like I have it all,
Is it your tattoos or golden grill,
That makes me feel this way?

Got me spinning like a ballerina,
Feeling gangsta every time I see ya,
You’re the king and, baby, I’m the queen of
Disaster, disaster.

Got mascara thick, I get emotional
You know I was more than just a party girl.
Isn’t hard to see what’s goin’ on,
I’m so far gone (mmm, so far gone)

When I saw your face it was incredible,
Painted on my soul, it was indelible.
We celebrate our twisted fate,
We’re the broken ones

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