Raised by a Woman

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Mother and Child Who we are is usually a reflection of how we grew up and the lessons we learnt while we were growing, who trained us and the knowledge that was impacted in us, everything we are today is as a result of the different things we’ve learnt. Valentines

Who we grow up with matters too, it’s a different thing to grow up with women, to be trained by a woman and it’s a different thing to be trained by a man, your dad and to grow in a divorced home and it’s a different vibe to be trained by both parent, but whatever category we might fall it all balls down to us at the end of the day because whatever lesson you learn from your parent and environment, you either pick the positive ones and let it influence you or you pick the odd and bad ones and they have a kind of influence on you too, so whichever influence you have in your life today, you made that decision.Mother

But to be raised by a woman, you tend to have love in your heart, especially for women, their struggles you tend to understand, their crave and how to take care of them, you tend to understand when they want what they want and when they don’t especially their meaning of No, you learn and understand what it means to respect women.

In this age where it’s believed to be a Man’s world, with the rules and wages favoring the men and the women been cheated out of their worth and value, the new generation men are been trained differently by their mothers to understand who a woman is, how to treat her and respect her, even to be there for her and not just her husband or her lover but to be the friend she needs.

Women, mothers are beginning to change the men, the world, their kids because it’s all about what you learn while growing, the truth and the reality of what is supposed to be and not what the society has made it about, mothers are now teaching their young boys love and respect, guess that explain the new kind of romance vibes.

Cute Baby As a boy, you’re meant to be romantic and not just a gentleman, charming even stylish and even when you lust and seduce, you do it with the heart of love and not the male ego, respecting women is now the new cool, loving her and adoring her, treating her and cherishing the person she is, is now the new cool, so guys it’s cool to be cool, it’s cool to be in love and respect your woman.

Love her just like momma taught.

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