Real Love, True Love

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LoveTrue Love is real love, real love is the love without discrimination, you following your heart without trying to analyze because really we define what’s right and what’s wrong and most times the society have influence on our decisions, even the doctrines, but really love is love and that’s all that matters because a heart that love is a life without bitterness and hate.

In real life what people can’t pigeon hole they judge, because they can’t understand why it should be different when every other thing is the same, so they hate and we have issues like racism and all other forms of discrimination to deal with, because in this world they want to be able to explain everything, we want to know the reason why and if we can’t find the reason why then it’s not real and it’s not valid to us.Month of Pride

For some that have been heartbroken, love have a different meaning to them, for some that don’t understand the feelings of loving differently it make no sense to them because they tend to judge you from their own point of view, but the reality is, we are wired differently because it’s a different life we live and we crave different things, different experience as human is what we are here to experience.

So instead of you wondering why it’s like that, searching for answers trying to convince yourself of why it’s not supposed to be like that and wasting your heart of love on things that you have no control over, it’s all because you’re finding the reason to love instead of just to love and be free from the idea of hate and why it should be a certain way.Albino

Love conquers all, love is the answer, it unifies everything and makes it beautiful, if only we can all love and harbor no hate or discrimination what a wonderful world would it be.