Red by Tiwa… Pictures by TY Bello; Faith.

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 Tiwa Faith 

I couldn’t wait to see the clothes Tiwa Savage will be photographed in, especially the red dramatic dress that just wouldn’t leave my head, I had never seen the dress before, but it made a such strong impression in my heart, I knew it had to EXIST

I had built some black panels to create an enclave for Tiwa to stand in. I wore my clothes inside out ready to quickly to paint the panels into whatever colours work with the clothes when they arrived. And arrived they did, a beautifully curated outfit that interpreted everything we have discussed, But All In Black, I had been silent about colours when we pre plan to keep things fluid. But I understand that black are versatile but sometimes a difficult colour to build a story on and I had to make a creative decision on my approach. 

MUA – Bimpe Onakoya, Hair – Dfalana Artistry, Styled by Kessianathorley

  I scanned the room for all that we had, amazing BLACK clothes and RED props from Mushin market. My biggest prop being an old Toyota red starlet with Black and white faux fur seat that I had chased down in Mushin market traffic the day before, convincing the driver who at first thought I was crazy to bring it over to me the day before. 

I chose to shoot everything the way they were.

It became clear to me that I was going to FAITH – IT with this shoot. Black paired with Red was stark and look nothing like the pallet of different colours and tones that danced on the photos in my mind.
 So I had to make the images with what we had, Knowing and Trusting that the colour pallets I saw already excited in the raw black and red pixels and only had to be called out in the post production.

This is how life is, not very predictable and sometimes we have to decide to see the beauty when it’s not so obvious. So whatever colour life is serving remember Tiwa Savage and that faith always makes new options… Call out the Red, Call out the Green And all the colours in between. 

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