Red Lipstick and a Beautiful Hair on a Friday

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Ceezys Styling With a Red Lipstick trust me you can almost do no wrong because of the much beauty it adds to your look and outfit, you just look beautiful differently and your smile and attitude is influenced with the color red and your charm will be felt by all, especially when you pose for the camera and post on Instagram, many people will be unable to resist the urge of double tapping on your photo and a tour on your profile even.

Ceezys Styling got the hair magic in them, you’ll notice that from every of their work because they’ll make you attractive and make people that will stare at you love how they’ll stare, just the way they got our attention on Instagram with the photo of the Ifuennada that wore the red lipstick and the stone wash denim jacket, yes anything jacket will always get me and red lipstick please, we are in heaven already and I stare at the photo for a while appreciating the creativity of the styling and the pose of ifuennada because she was able to bring alive the beauty of a red lipstick and a denim jacket, that made me pledge allegiance to wearing denim jacket on anything and to anywhere, with just the right styling trick, denim jacket fits all, try it on your trad and make news already.Hair Styling

So quick one, I created this look with less than 20 big bobby pins, a wide tooth comb and eco styler gel @ecostylergel_tz, sometimes you don’t need all the equipments to create an amazing look, you just need to be creative enough, think it and create it. – Ceezys Styling

On Fridays life is meant to be beautiful and a simple choice of lipstick can make that magic and your style of hair too, Ceezys don’t just make your hair look good, they make it art and you’ll literally want to picture frame it, you’ll be glad to wake up to it every morning, one thing is, if your hair is good, you can conquer the world, especially when paired with a red lipstick and a pretty smile, you’ll be convince that you run the world because you’re a girl and that’s what girls do, they run the world because it’s a woman’s world.

Model @ifuennadaPhotography @spotlightpiHair styling @ceezysstyling cc @thehairmpireMake up @jemiesglamStyling @brandhinx

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