Red Rouge

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Red Photography If you don’t think like them or look like them, especially when you don’t think like them, they judge you because they don’t know you, they try to pigeon hole you and understand you and if they can’t, they shame you and they try to make you lose confidence in what’s true, because you’re different from them which makes you noticeable even in the crowd, the attention they will struggle for, you just get notice because you’re different is what they hate, you’re a rouge specie, limited edition and they hate you for that so they try to break you and make you feel like them, all they want to do is blend you in so they can have power over you, that’s all what they want, to have power over you, so they hate you because you’re different and beautiful.

RED gone Rouge

Face all fierce 

Hair really long with some air 

But still stable 

Beauty is Strength too

The society want peace for its self, so the society birth traditions, and cultures and rules and way of life, making everybody to think the same way, to keep the street and it’s culture alive, that’s why the society will always keep us down, that’s why it will always give us a general idea, but those that affect the society are the rouge ones, the Red Sparrow, they create their own rules and they break it to better themselves if they have to, that’s the rough ones, the special women and they are not made for everybody, for they  are special, we all are, but only if you look into you a little closer and pay attention to you, will you see that side of you, the charm and the grandeur, those that saw that side of them are the ones that stand out in red and they are rouge and we love them in red.

The only reason why they shame you is because they want to break you, so you can serve them, they want information from you so that they can be you and they’ll live you better than you because they envy you, just that they don’t show it, so they want to steal you from you.

Rouge don’t play by their rules, they make theirs, they are the life of the party, they beautify everywhere and they pose well for the camera, they carry Ceezys art of hair even and they look attractive and Red, pretty and sexy they look.

Photography by Spotlight PI

Model – Precious John

Hair – Ceezys Styling/The Hairmpire

Beauty Artist – Cass Koncept1

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