Regrets of Heartbreak

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Body ArtEvening breeze so cool,

Trees whispering soft sounds

As I drive pass your street, through our favorite spot

Memories of you rushed in and I can’t help but miss you all over again

How people stare at us when we kiss publicly

The joy we felt was real, the happiness was great

We were a taste of paradise, everything is beautiful around you

You are a wish come through

I wish to wish for you over and over again, beautiful wish you are.

If I want to rate the love I have for you,

Of how much you’re worth to me, a great person you are

Infinity plus one

Messing up is in our DNA, our flaw as humans

I passed out most night after we broke up,

Nightmares of the horror I created I dreamt of

Our love was meant to end like in romantic movies, happily ever after

But it took a different turn when I fell for all the attention Bella was giving

She’s great too, her lips taste sweet too, her body is banging

But you’re an angel, you’re a dream come through.

Want to fall asleep again and I hope it’s you I dream about.