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If you are low to the point where you feel you have nothing I give you permission to let your ego get you out of that hole. Focus on the fact that you MUST be meant for greatness to experience such pain, you MUST be stronger than ever because you are still alive through THIS kind of tough time and once you begin to believe how strong you are and remember exactly WHO YOU ARE things will flow upward.

There is so much going on with mental illness and it is just that MENTAL. Lets help each other rise, listen to each other and do our best to understand each other truly. Try to step into their shoes so you can appreciate them first before focusing on their shortcoming and do that with YOU first. Focus on all you do have. When you are at the edge it only means greatness follows, you are being prepared for a blessing you could never imagine. You just have to accept it.

You think to yourself why me? Why do I keep attracting the same situation over again..Just think what lesson you have to learn to not attract that again. What can you DO or not do to attract the best from not only this situation but from YOU and everyone around you. Certain people will bring out different sides of you. Try to bring out only the best in them. Find the balance between it being all about you but not at the same time. We are all connected. It is also okay to take space.

If something is bringing out the worst feelings in you and you feel you have done ALL you can within you and with the situation, it is okay to take time away from it or simply let go. In letting go maybe you can experience that situation better later with more growth and a better perspective or maybe it was there for a lesson for you to attract someone that aligns with you. Stop thinking of any situation being better or worse…Never forget that when you accept that things are happening FOR and not TO you…you will always be on top”-Reign Apiim All Power Is In Me