Rekana for Elanred Limited Collection

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Rekana for Elanred

Tell me about fashion and I’ll tell you how much we love it when it’s a limited edition and especially when it’s from our favorite designer at the moment, we are yet to get over the Rekana fever and we love it because every of their collection is giving us reason to shop and to look stylish and beautiful and attractive without stress of how to layer and pair good, this limited edition is for alternative stylish ladies.

So let me ask you, how do you love to look? Looking good start with the pride you have, the sense of self and how beautiful you know you are, your personality, and it goes down to your taste and sense of style, even if you don’t have the time to shop, your sense of style will always lead you to see the right pieces, especially on Instagram, especially on Elanred and Rekana page, they have a way to charm you with their product, they sell in style.Sharon Ojong

Rekana for Elanred, though jeans might be a cheat and everything you pair it with is a banger but some piece will make you want to live in the outfit, you can still do boring with jeans though but these piece will help you add style to your denim and kick you out of the boring zone, the different pieces can be worn separately, paired with different kind of pant even, or skirt depending on your sense of style, like that popular quote “one man food is another man poison” some people worst dress can be some people best and brilliant dress, it’s all about you and the beauty you see in what you’re wearing and the confidence and charm you use to wear what you’re wearing.Elanred

So some designer know how much it can be difficult to pair some piece to make you look stylish sometimes, so they make designs that hold so much style in their every piece and that’s one of the reason why we are so in love with every Rekana piece because you don’t have to try hard to want to look attractive and stylish, each of their piece will give you that vibe and people will love stare at you more than twice and even compliment you and you can bet the amount of love your Insta-family will give you when you make that post.

So if you love style and love to be different and your piece you love them exclusive and limited, you already know what to shop and where to shop it, Elanred got you and Rekana will make your wardrobe rock.