Rhythm City

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Lagos People feel most times that Lagosians are carefree people, they do almost anything they like, like they’re bold and cultured and civilized, it’s in their DNA to be the popular kid anywhere they find themselves, they’re always the it thing, but really just like the things we can’t change, the city actually turned them to that kind of person, because in this town the weather and the rhythm of this city will shape you, it will shape your lifestyle, and somethings won’t just matter, especially the weather.

Wearing wet clothes is one of the oddest thing to do, you’ll wonder why will someone want to wear wet clothes, especially in the public even, in this town, you’ll joyfully wear your wet clothes and walk the street with pride because the weather here will make you so. The weather seem just fine as we wake this morning and we were all joyful, some already left to work from our different homes and after I finally get up lazily from bed, even music I don’t want and as I stepped out of the house the light showers began and it became heavy showers and I couldn’t wait at the bus-stop and the herb guy is not around and on that side of town you only walk, no means of transportation, you only walk, like in the old age, life is different on that side, life is real from that point of view again, it help you understand some images better, they tell a different story.

DanfoWe see it all on the street, it’s like a stage on the street and everybody is playing their role perfectly or probably the way they can best interpret their character, though for the new world you’ll wish for more, but sometimes we see the sex on the street, by the corner and you’ll smile, the robbery too but one thing on the street and in Lagos, people care when they need to care, they will be the one to tell you, you need help and they will help you, they are just like that, they can be callous too, but they are their brother’s keeper and their sisters, they show their love especially when they meet outside Lagos, they clique differently, the source of the rhythm they connect to again and at that time you’ll wish for Lagos. Oh my Lagos, I just love the rhythm of this town.Lagos

It’s freedom, it’s love, it’s lust, the sex, the getting drunk and being in the party mood, happy and alive and on fire, ready to go ballistic, you’re just raving inside of you. The nature make you in this town, it’s the culture of the town especially the party and the going to club, the drinking and the girls, it’s a way of life here but everybody do it differently, situations will make you go to work either stoned or drunk to work sometimes, you just can’t help it but those days most times are the best days, you’ll go ballistic, you’ll be on fire, because it will be you juggling two life at the same time inside of you, you’re just like two different version of you at the same time, the you’re in Ibiza drunk with a lover and tired of having sex, with loud music and you’re half-awake with a corporate you in the office living the corporate life in wet clothes and acting all corporate for the organization, it’s a different feel, another version of the rhythm of this city, the groove is on another level, it will make you want to try things.