Rhythm of Monday in my City

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Night Life Rhythm of this city on Monday, it’s a different feeling especially when the weather is cold and the weekend was fun, the culture of this town that I love and enjoy only here because really you can’t enjoy this kind of lifestyle anywhere aside from Lagos, the last night of the party, on Sunday is the last day we groove in this town, we party hard on Sunday and struggle at work on Monday, with hangover and sluggishness and some cope with everything, many now function well with less sleep, because those experience is always interesting and you know your sleep is worth sacrificing for the thrills, so people in this town enjoy the late night and the party and the getting drunk and the sex too, late night sex and the early ones, people live on the groovy side in this town and that’s why you can’t help but like my town.

Most calls on Monday, the conversations usually is about last night, how are you coping with work today, the gist of last night thrills, reminding each other of some things that happened, the dance and the drama, the awkward.Club Dancers

Life is fun they say, people in this city believe that saying and that’s why they have maximum fun every-time, they party and they wear clothes, they look beautiful and attractive and they don’t like to travel except if it’s overseas, no town can satisfy them like this city Lagos, and that’s why we love the rhythm, with cold breeze and lights, jokes and laughs, angry moments and very angry moments, the hold up kills us every time though.