Right Impression Always With Your Fashion

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Human emotions are exactly what generates Trends, and also drives The Fashion Industry.

Fashion is all about to make people stare at you when you walk pass, if they don’t stare then sorry you’re not making that statement right. I’ll say it like this if they don’t give you that compliment,if they don’t stare and wonder about the combination,if they don’t wish to do such then the statement is not right yet. We all love to make impression with our fashion,style and cloths,guess that’s why you bought them initially because you love it and you feel they’ll look good on you and you want people to see it on you. So why can’t you make the impression right why can’t you show the world that you’re good,you look good, and you’re you. When dressing up all you should always have at the back of your mind should be i need to be me,you need to be confident in what ever you wear. Cloths and style help you build your confidence in public.

-The good thing about style is It’s like a tune that play in your head when you wake up,the picture is in your head already,how you want to look,that’s the first step in making the right impression,let the picture stay and let the tune play on in your head.

-Wear it right. Yeah fashion is risky atimes from wardrobe malfunction to not wearing it right but a little research or dress rehearsal won’t hurt. You can always wear your cloths before that outing or before going to office,parties and all that and know how you’ll look and if there’ll be need for a change of cloth or combo you’ll know.

-Seek for that compliment. Make them to give it to you. When you’re right they won’t be able to help it but say it out. Now that’s the driving force when you want them to always give you that compliment even when they don’t wish to,you’ll always want to look your best and by now you’ll have already register in their mind and all they’ll want to see you everyday and it’s going to be about you always,they’ll want to say nice outfit on a daily.

-Odd is the new cool,odd is making the impression right what kind of personality are you trying to portray? You can always do that with been odd,and that’s your creativity,you’re already making them see that impression you’re making.

– Don’t force it,when you do you look like a clown. Make it come with easy.

-Invest in yourself with your style “Gbagbe Oshi” (forget nonsense) they’ll always say guess that’s why we’ve got Fashion Police. Our ideas are not always same so why won’t you wear what you’re comfortable in and not trying to satisfy other people and you affect the impression you’re making about your personality already.

– Don’t wear it if it won’t help your personality and if it won’t promote the impression. Don’t crash when you’re setting the pace right Yes You Can! Obama did it lol.

– Make them study you,let them ask question make them want your style and fashion. Now the impression is right

Life is all about Fashion and making them pause to give you that compliment that’ll make your day

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