Romantic Tuesday

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Sexy Lingerie I love the idea of sex and romance and touching and kissing and caressing and making sweet love, nice and slow with beautiful music, I love making love in the dark, but seeing the face of my lover, I love how we touch each other and the lips, the stroking and the blind folds, hate safe words though, but still love to have them but always ready for adventure because they make us raise the bar and make new limit that we’ll break the next time and life is beautiful and sex! is the sweetest thing that happened to humanity and I’m grateful for that because it makes me a better person and all I feel is freedom and love and lust.Sexy

Woke up this morning to the lips my lover and I love it, I love the fact that’s it’s Tuesday, and the fact that I woke up with a kiss, a kiss from a lover, the morning breathe and the beautiful voice of The Weeknd, don’t want to know the song even, he just make every moment perfect and that’s how I feel when I woke up to the reality of Tuesday and a lover, life is beautiful when you’re in love, life just have a different meaning.

After reading about the wine boom in China yesterday my crave for wine increased and now even in the morning before work I don’t mind a glass or two to kick start the day and it’s always a beautiful thing to smear lips with lipstick before going to work and usually have a way of paying me back, which I love, the sexting during work hours, you can’t always predict the next move but it’s always NSFW and I love how daring it is and usually I can’t resist not opening the many messages.

Wine boomWhat I wear the lover choose, the bra and the pant I’m wearing today, my stylist and his judgment I always trust because he love me sexy every-time and I love me looking sexy and hot too because a different confidence I have when I look sexy, like Alexandra McQueen said he wants people to be scared of the women he style, for him he want people to stare hard at the woman he styled and I’m his number one client and he love it when they stare at me, so stare today, it will be worth your while because tonight will be one of those night that dreams come true and they come different from how I have imagined it.

The sex and the wine, the toys and the whispers, the view and the cool breeze, the stars and the night, it’s all about being young wild and free.

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