Room for Two

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Her seduction is interesting, her pretty face during sex, moan of pleasure with her hands all over your body, fingers biting hard into your skin as you enjoy every pain as pleasure, you’ll enjoy it while the sex last. Smoky dead eyes filled with lust, the want of you, erotic filled atmosphere, sounds of moan and the rhythm of two bodies slamming into each other. Her teeth she bites hard into her lips staining her incisors with lipstick, fast breathing. She entangle you with her legs closer to her, her eyes close in lust as her body quiver along, moment that last millions of eternity in five minutes in real life. Wanting more of the moment again.

Clothes make us appreciate the body more, sexiness of the creation, appreciation of her breast and beautiful eyes. Her shoulder fit every blouse, a killer on white shirt, her red lipstick is masterpiece, her voice and smile will blow your mind away, dark room with bright sweet voice, rhythm that illuminate emotions of two. Nipples on the face as you retire on the sheet, sigh of satisfaction, crave of bodies touching, panting under the sheet as you adjust them to cover you from the cold of the weather as they suddenly became real again.

Lovers Ethics

Graphical work by Citizins

Her smile is pretty, beads of sweat on her as she blushes at every stare, her tattoo of popeye on the side of her tummy close to her waist look more attractive; she’s never shy to express satisfaction. Foreplay and countless hours spent under sheet naked watching movies, brunch on bed, drunk on bed, rum and berries. Movement of her body I enjoy when she’s high, happy and full of extra life from the heavens of alcohol where beautiful dance moves came from. Body dictating every moment, every crave, we can’t survive our bodies going apart for a split seconds, we love how our body touch, her tender skin makes me want her more, kisses on my bare chest to trace every muscle. The party never stops, new sounds new moves, tearing of new rubber packs to open.

Pretty don’t need speed rules, she drives recklessly and drunk on hard, up and down she rides joyfully with happiness, paradise of climax as the two bodies collapse on each other. Hard get soft for a little while as wet stay moist, bodies reset again for better performance, room for perfect two made from heavens of pleasure.