Royce Samuel of Ceezys Styling

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Royce SamuelHair is the pride of women they say, hair is the glory that radiate the vibe and elegance of the body and the carrier of the hair, as stylist see beauty in the body, seeing every body to be beautiful and sexy and can be attractive, that’s how hair is for hair stylists, they see folds and colors of hair, they see the trends and what can be done with the hair and you can’t help but love it every time because they’ll catch your attention and you’ll give it to them willingly.

At the backstage of one of the MBGN 2017 show at Eko Hotel that I first saw him, was with a friend that her collection, some of the girls will be wearing, 7th Avenue by Cateline Ester. Felix Crown is another guy that will steal your attention, his photos are always interesting and you’ll appreciate his sense of photography and how they appeal to you, cool and colorful and that’s how I met Royce Samuel again. One of the photos of Felix Crown that I wrote about, he was the hairstylist and like magic he did with the hair, it was interesting and attractive and we got talking and so I asked him how he fell in love with hair styling because I’m already a fan of his styling and it was interesting how he replied, like most creatives will “I don’t know really, It just happened and I became really deep at a go, It was so fast but I had finished learning how to make hair before I fell in love with it”.

Yes we still find love in hopeless place and somethings we end up doing are what we never thought we’ll do, you start most times but you never can tell how far it will take you, for Royce the hairstyling job was supposed to be a side thing, like a side hustle but it’s the case of side chick becoming the main chick and you’ll imagine what the side chick must be doing right and different that’ll make her now the main chick. The beautiful thing about this generation is they are tired of the regular life, it’s very boring and everybody is finding new ground, new civilization and new way of life, believing in new things and doctrines, so the regular kind of life, people don’t live like that anymore and that’s why there’s new set of people in this world at the moment and they call them the millennials, like he said the main hustle would have been the regular life, go to school, graduate and look for a job but hairstyling caught his attention and make him a better person, we all love it when we are a better person.

Passion first then ethics and the rules of the game and knowing your client, what they want and how to satisfy them, how to wow them even, well, when it comes to clients I’m very careful and observant and he classify them in different categories “The ones I do whatever they say. The ones I suggest to. Then the ones I tell what to do and these ones enjoy me more, because they get all my creativity and the best of me”. He knows their personality and what will make them attractive and the people that fall under this category are the models and the celebrities and you’ll guess his dreams will be about hair and the different things he can do with hair but funny enough, he’s not the dreaming type and I couldn’t help but ask what inspire those colors and style, since he doesn’t dream, something should be the inspiration then, I’ve always loved colored hair and since we are from this part of the world where colored hair is relegated or perceived to be for the non-serious minded people, the crazy people or so called prostitutes, I’ve been trying to do a lot on colored hair making it classy, a bit artistic”.

It’s a movement if you ask me, making colored hair acceptable for people to see it as creativity because in this society they will judge you for almost anything and if you are not bold enough, soon you’ll become them, the regular mind, so doing you is the different you’re making, like the colored hair many love it but since they’re not celebrities, because of their job and what people will say make them not to carry those colors of hair, they can only crave it and that’s what he’s doing differently that’s catching our attention, he’s showing this society the beauty of colors and colored hair, making us crave it, saying your hair color should not be used to judge you and it’s boring to carry boring hair too.

His favorite color of hair is white, though he look like a guy that will like pink, but personally he love black and his sense of style, he look different from the idea of a hair stylist, he’s just indifferent, even his hairstyle, though not what the everyday guy will carry but it’s just still calm on him, though according to him people know him not to do much when it comes to his appearance, but he love details, and his talk is “if it suits you fly it”. Though he won’t consider himself as an anti-society, he sees it more like he’s doing himself, even if it’s not what the trend says it’s the way of the society to judge what they don’t understand.

Hair Stylist So I asked him what he’ll like to change in the society, like the top 5 things he’ll want to change, but this guy is more like a perfectionist that he want it all set first before dishing anything out, so he prefer not to say it now until it feels right, but you can bet he’s already doing so with his works.

One lovely thing about the boys of this generation is, they are changing the culture of the world, it used to be what a man can do a woman can do it even better, now it’s what a woman can do, men do it better, his indomie skills is “best noodles ever” like he said and at that spot I became hungry and I can bet he was salivating too already so he made us stop talking about food, but he love African foods and you’ll guess maybe he’s from Calabar but he’s a Delta guy and you’ll imagine how his groovy life will look like, like his Friday night, but this guy works Friday night, all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy and you’re not jack, you’re Royce, you play and relax of course, and he replied free days are Monday’s, was kind of quick to complete the statement with and on Mondays you have fun? He laughed and I guess that should be a yes, though like he said work is fun, when you do what you love to do, it’s always fun because you’re not seeing it as work.

He loves going to the beach and he love movies, let me tell you his favorite movie at the moment, Black Panther, Jumanji, Rampage, Greatest Showman, Fifty Shades Freed, he even saw them more than once in the cinema and with that act I know already he’s a movie person, now I understand the beauty he sees in things and the different story he tell with your works, I love animations and cartoons, they inspire me a lot, especially with colors, they play with it effortlessly.