Rude; Seduction 12 by Dear Noch

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Seduction 12 by Dear Noch In every being, we are made of different patterns, different flow of energy, different flow of experience and what makes us, the vibe of our soul and the things that made us, that formed us, of the many shades that we are, our personality and what we represent, how we are, our sense and how we reflect on the things that happens in our everyday life.

We seduced differently, we have different kind of love for our body, for different bodies, the communication of different bodies talking in a language they both understand and they move in the same direction of emotions and thoughts and creativity, communicating in the language and medium of what humanity is about, the peace and plain and pure heart that flows with ideas and feelings that only exist within the mind of two beautiful bodies, the feel of the skin against skin, emotions against emotions, even feelings and the comfort of skin, the confidence of human nature, throwback to the emotions and feelings of the old earth, the early times of creation back then in the Garden of Eden.

So we are Rude, beautifully rude, rude with a sense that is different from the regular ideas of the society, the norm and the regular kind of everyday people, we are rude because we love different things, things that the society love less or don’t even care about, we appreciate a new now, that teaches what the world is learning, the trend some will call it, but the appreciation of what humanity is about, so for generation past, years after years the world live in almost same kind of way, same cultures and way of life that has gotten us to this stage, and it became boring, the world became boring of its old ways, it just want a new improved life, so this is Rude, rude because it’s a new sense, creativity, thinking in beautiful light, in the heavens of possibility, of fashion and fabrics that caress our skin just as our ego wants and need, the understanding of the body and her emotions, her down times and her up beautiful times, her glow, her natural self, enjoying the body that has house who we are since eternity, appreciating, loving and exploring the sexuality of the body, what you love, you appreciate.

Art of Nude, Dear NochDifferent patterns made us, different experience built us and different person we are but we are humans, we are created to be us, to be real, to love and be loved, love is the most beautiful thing that happened to humanity, the feel and joy of love paint beautiful pictures every time, fantasies and illusions.

So we represent different personality the artist depicted, we are all Rude in different form too, but tolerating and communicating with other bodies, understand and love them too, he translate with bodies and patterns, talking seduction, seduced bodies that speaks in body language, a language they both understand, interesting and real every time they speak the language.

Be Rude, Be Seduced.

Graphics work by Dear Noch

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Models – Mouyor Buttons and Joke @cloudspin_