Rustic Royalty – Tales of her Style

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​I would describe my style as a little offbeat ! When I say that I mean sometimes my style makes no sense so the only word I have for it is offbeat ! I don’t do the conventional basic

Fashion ! I’ll take it there and mix and match if I feel needed. I’ll break fashion rules that aren’t really suppose to be broken and give a smile while doing it. I always get looked at because of what I have on, HONESTLY I have lost a job for never matching with prints. If I recall my manager said “you don’t dress like everyone else do you”. I responded with a smile. They gave me a specific dress code to follow that was different from the rest of the employees and I could not follow those rules to save my life. It wasn’t me! It was boring! And it drained my style! Long story short I lost my job shortly after!

What inspired Rustic Royalty is I’ve always looked at myself as being a Queen so of course royalty comes from that and Rustic came from my great joy of thrifting! If you know me you know I thrift a lot ! So if you pay attention yes, most of my pieces are custom but it’ll be 1-3 items I’ll throw in there that are thrifted and I have recreated them or customized them in some way. I’ve been thinking and trying to do a line for about 3 years. Only a select few know how long I wanted to do a clothing line and so they understand how proud I am to say I now own a brand !