Sadness of Joy

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Fashion Girl

Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon. Styled by Mouyor Buttons

Lonely and sad even though the party place is crowded and happy, not Friday yet. On Fridays we live more, but today, the sadness is un-hide-able, so obvious that it’s taking over the day, life oh life, happening sad and torn, sad and hopeless, living in the moment with blank future, unformed, sad moment still happening, the tides can’t be predicted right now.

Lion-heart we are sometimes, coward heart other-times, times change every-time, new moment we create; time, the measurement of how much we live, ugly moments birth times of new glory, new hope to keep us alive with the joy of living the life imagined, sweetest song ever, the song we want to sing forever because it’s new and different from the songs we used to hear, twisted sadness.

African Fashion Girl

Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon. Styled by Mouyor Buttons

Bright day with nothing to say but the feeling of sadness that has come with the day, the life we live when we can’t control the sadness of our heart, powerless we feel and we can recognized it but we stay some more instead, to be alive to live the sadness like it’s all we’ve ever wanted, the joy of sadness we discover, even though we are aware of the danger of being sad, dark and beautiful with different shade of dark light that strike hard the cords of our emotions that we let down our guard with ease, letting it lead the way to the doom we hope will be different from the doom we fear, the reason for this sadness, the fear of being hopeless and unfulfilled, sadness of the heart.

Not strange though, the sadness of life, new hope we dream of when this time comes along, sadness we recognized, yes we are sad now but not for long again, shadows of the light of hope is now in view and we are grateful because the morning promised is here, the end of the tunnel, the gift of life.