Saturday After Friday

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Saturdays usually start late for many, the thrills of Friday drag into early hours of Saturday and since it’s a work free day many people sleep the morning away effortlessly, though the hangover some can’t still escape, the first thing that hit them when they wake, maybe the sun for some or the notification sound, but whatever wakes you up to Saturday, welcome to a new day, even if you’re starting your day late, better late than never right?

Still sad when people kill people, kind of a sad Friday after hearing about the young girl shot on the road and another guy burnt to death for stealing from the dead girl, the kind of laws we don’t obey, taking another human’s life, like it’s nothing. The level of hate in the world at the moment is saddening, wars, rumors of war, street protests, assassinations, the world was meant to be a fun place but the hate in the heart of humans is spoiling the fun for everybody and its killing us, bunch of kill joys existing in our society.

A new world we hope.

We still have fun though, like the culture of my country, even when they mourn they throw big parties, drink heavy, they cry heavy too and cook different dishes for those that came to mourn with them. The clubs were like it used to be, the loud music and the happy vibes where people live the night to forget their sorrows, some ladies lucky night, her pumps leading the way to a guy’s heart maybe as one night stand or some months of dating.

Ink body

Life happens differently on Friday, the fun too and the sex is usually not a boring one, thank God alcohol don’t make you boring, the sex is always a happy one, the energy it consume though, but who cares after all it’s the body and us that’s enjoying the thrills of the pleasure and when we get to climax, we just feel satisfied knowing a good work was done, but when the sex is bad, you just wish for more.