Saturday Party Tips

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– Don’t go late. You can miss the juicy part of the event if you do.

– Eat well before leaving the house.

– Dress well to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

– Stay in the right frame of mind.

– Make sure you see your drinks being opened or poured.

– Give room to mingle and don’t block your feelings.

– Put on a lovely smile.

– Take a friend along if you have the feeling it might be a boring outing.

– Wear the right emotions you don’t want to look odd and sad.

– Take some lovely pictures.

– Don’t have too much to drink or eat to avoid stomach disorder and if you’ve got allergies, know what to eat before you begin to react to what you’ve been offered.

– Don’t trust your own judgement about whether you’re ok to drive; if you’ve been drinking.

– Never get a ride with someone who has been drinking, taken any drugs, or is really tired.

-Keep emergency phone numbers handy (eg. taxi, police)

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