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Fashion Girl Saturdays usually have a different vibe and your body just adapt to the mood of the day, lazy or party mood, walking out mood or movie mood, romantic and sexy mood, the body usually just behave how Saturday dictate the mood.

So the playing dress-up and the breakfast in bed, the all day in the bedroom and the listening to music and movies, making of lunch in the kitchen, the happy smiles and the teasing, the shirt stain and the wine, the dance steps and the naughty behavior, it’s a beautiful day that you can’t predict the next mood, it’s just about living in the moment.

Weekend Girl Basically that’s how weekend should be, a distraction from the life of the week, a beautiful life with happy moment that’ll make you smile all week and make you anticipate the next weekend, making you appreciate humanity and the fun of it and the feel of a lover, you’ll literarily want time to pause, because no one really want this to end.

The inside jokes of friends you’ll always love and sacrifice for, the love and those free moments, the crazy ones even and telling of anything, the gossips and funny reaction to some fantasies, the food and the wine that’s like the best friend to every hangout, and the selfies and posing for the camera, it’s a friends Saturday too because they make your world go round too.

Fashion Friends It’s a love sharing weekend, love is always fun and interesting to share, it makes you a better person , you build beautiful memories too and you glow. How’s your Saturday?