Say No to Bullying #ashawntydavis

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Bullying is taking its worst toll on us, a threat to humanity, after reading the story of this little girl Ashawnty Davis and how she committed suicide, it’s a painful one and you get to wonder the kind of heart humans have and their gains of bullying somebody to the point the little girl commit suicide.

Be nice to everybody because you don’t know what they are going through.

Though no hashtag and all the shenanigans of the media and all the likes but it’s time to really speak against all forms of bullying.

Tess Holiday already lending her voice to the anti-bullying movement and creating awareness, drawing peoples attention to the case of Ashawnty DavisBullycideAshawnty Davis

Tess Holiday

Where was all the news coverage & hashtags for this little baby? Why do we sweep heartbreaking instances of bullying, murder, & injustices towards POC under the rug?!! As the mother of an 11 yr old son who has been bullied, & someone who was bullied all throughout school, I’m writing this with a knot in my throat & through tears… I’m sorry that this sick world was too much for you to bare Ashawnty, you aren’t forgotten, you are loved & I hope your tiny, sweet soul finds peace. Parents, don’t let your kids bully others & laugh about it, if your kid is being an asshole, take a hard look in the mirror. Help your child, listen to them, DO SOMETHING.

#ashawntydavis #restinpower#silenceiscompliance

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