Scarlet Red Anna Banner

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Anna Banner Some days ago I was just thinking, how cool it will be for the roof in my bedroom to be a dome stained glass, I was just thinking of how magnificent it will look, mixed with a modern interior vibes, the mix I was picturing and what it will look like at night and early in the morning, even raining night, it was beautiful just thinking about it and then I scroll into Anna by Felix Crown and I was speechless in Red.

Fashion Editorials

Stained glass with a mix of tribal designs, red dominated room and Anna Banner, it was a perfect blend, her expression fits every of the pose and the room, you can’t help not being tapped, she’ll tap into you with her prowess and charm, the room too, her stylist came with a fuse of the modern day sexiness of an Igbo girl, her hairstyle and her red lace outfit underlaid with white, a little distraction from red but still getting your attention, her shoes and socks sealed the Red look.

Felix Crown

Just as we couldn’t escape her spell in the Red dominated room, so she tapped into us in the soft colored room, her red charm she still pose with, but with different elegance and poise.

Fashion Girl

The portrayal of sexy is the coolest thing right now, it just defines you and your worth and your level of the understanding of yourself, the pride and the confidence of what you are worth, being sexy is being true and real and that’s what humanity is about, being yourself, self love and that’s what this multibillion Naira industry is about too and in turn we can make this place a better place.

Fashion Editorials

A Fashion Editorial by Creative Stylist and Director @moashystyling
Photography @felixcrown
Muse: @annaebiere
Hair @ferdinandshair
Outfit: @onalajaofficial
Shoes @tomford
Styling Assistant @moosah__
Location @roma.lagos
N/B: No makeup was used in this shoot, just lipstick from @peggyspointe