Scarlet Red Nancy Isime by Felix Crown

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Some pictures treat you differently, they steal you away and seduce you to their world, where they translate the meaning of their artistry to you.

It’s a cool scarlet seduction, from the look in her eyes, the color of her red rich lips, her flawless skin blending with the aura of her body and you can’t help but stare at the photo for eternity.

The sexiness of this photo is the definition of the confidence of Nancy, a symbol of womanhood with beautiful sexy dreams, where her creativity rules, calm and relaxed but focus, with a steady gaze that will seduce you.

This picture captured by Felix Crown is more like a reinvention of the work of Da Vinci of Mona Lisa but with Nancy in 2017 with the elements of what matters to us in this age, the scarlet red that interpret the appreciation of sexiness in women, the respect of their views and their confidence.

For Nancy her poise welcomes you calmly and then takes over your thoughts, telling you the different beautiful things in her world making you to see things from her point of view.

Beautiful Nancy in Red

Work for @nancyisimeofficial
Photography: @felixcrown
Makeup: @casskoncept
Styling: @style_territory
Accessories: @urezkulture