Seduction X Antidote

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Sefiya Dadiva by Felix Crown Antidote Seduction is all I see in these photos, beautiful seduction; you’ll love to be seduced. We do often see seduction and understand seduction from different point of view, just as many sees it as fowl or elicit it’s a beautiful real and true moment for some, a time to truly express your true want, what you really want to experience at that time.

Beautiful seduction is really the representation of the true identity of human, we look more beautiful when we feel love and experience love, we just look like an angel, the good one.

Your body hears everything your mind says – Sefiya Dadiva

Sefiya Dadiva by Felix Crown Antidote Her eyes don’t lie when she seduce, her lips don’t too, even her hair, seduction holds it all down, you’ll fall for her charm, her conviction, her trueness, we can’t help not to fall in love with innocence every time, you have a bold confidence because you are so sure you want this, and you want to experience it with the person she’s seducing, wanting to experience a moment in time, even how her hair falls the look in her eyes and the tone of her skin, her innocence, the eye behind the lens got the shot at the perfect time, the charm of her seduction was a ripple effect, everything that happens affects everything, so she seduced the camera and it was a beautiful picture, you give a glimmer of beautiful hope when you seduce and when you are seduced, you come alive, bright and real.Sefiya Dadiva by Felix Crown - Antidote. Zed Eye

No accessories all nude, like a goddess in her plain form, her eyes full of lust, her lips nude and her pose innocent, her eyes holds all the truth you need to know, beautiful and perfect with flawless skin that enjoys clean waters and bright flash light and the stare of the eye behind the lens.

Photography by Felix Crown

Model – Sefiya Dadiva

Make Up by Casskoncept1

Fashion Styling by Zed Eye

Hair by Akinrolabu Tolulope