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Seduction is my thing, vanity my favorite sin, what’s life without sin? Sin is what makes this place interesting, sin with good intentions; what’s sin? You have the final say after all, whatever you let yourself do you’ll be responsible for; which report will you believe? What your doctrine preach or what your soul knows, we know the truth in every situation, we’re usually too scared to believe its the truth, it comes in a stupid way sometimes but consoling every time it comes, you know what’s right, so let’s get drunk and be happy waiting for eternity, right now is the eternity we dream of, let’s live away to life and fuck the idea of living away.

Can we explore new boundaries and make new discovery of what’s never been done. We are the new version of crazy, my generation celebrate crazy, normal is cliché, boring if you’re normal, unedited life without filters and likes but modern and nice, polite not for likes, life as we know it and wish is true; life is vibe of the moment, why pre-think when you can live now make mistake and be human, experience the flesh and take over it; can we break boundaries and become who we never thought we could be, explode our mind that’s what they are made for.

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My body hunger for your body, you make it so and I love it, lovely pictures of what we can do with our bodies it paint, writing our love story on your body naked in the room where we bring the vanity of our heart to life, soft music to dictate the rhythm of our body movement when we interpret the lust in our head as we fuck slow and steady, erotic with the safe word your mouth is usually too reluctant to say, thrill of us we enjoy even with unpredictable weather of this town, Lagos; more of the fuck we want, this place make us so, it’s how we relax from the many challenges of the day, drunk fuck, seduction to wake the lust in the body and the vanity of the mind to take the lead to where all we want to do is never have enough of who we are, the lust of sin that has possessed us.