See You Naked

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Nude Girl

I want to see you naked if you’re true, if you are who you said you are, prove to me naked that you’re the girl that’s found freedom to be who she’s meant to be and not what have been printed in the culture of time that has define who we’ve been. Depict your freedom with nakedness and show the world you’re too beautiful to be hidden because you’re created in his image and likeness. First humans were naked and not ashamed, everything he created is perfect, our nakedness too, embrace your nakedness.

They blackmail us with our nakedness often, our kind of sex they categorize naming us as they deem fit, the believe of whatever they say validate the life we live. They command us to be who they want us to be, imposing their ideas of what to wear and the crave of our heart. Even if it’s for good intention they call it sin and unlawful if it’s not in accordance with their believe. It is always interesting and fun to break rules.


Why should we be ashamed of our body naked? The idea of nakedness is truth, the world hates truth even though they preach it at every service, lies they prefer because the truth is often overwhelming, it makes them powerless and they love to be powerful, truth brings down their guard that they feel defenseless.

When you’re naked you have nothing to hide, your true self you present. Worry about being good and neglect the hateful thought of their heart because it’s meant for one purpose, to bring you down and you let them the moment you see your body as something that’s meant to be hidden away. You’re not relevant when you hide, come out and be bold to stand your ground. Define yourself and what you represent, nobody can be you, only you can be you so don’t waste that opportunity, you’re a rare edition, make the world proud to have you here, don’t fall for their tricks, show me the naked you.