Self-Gratification by Queen-C Star

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“As I think, I evolve in the direction of my thoughts.” Queen-C Star

Jamaican Art Many books these days will tell you of how your thinking can shape your life, even the Yoga teachings and routine will teach you how to shape your mind and have fun with it, instead of it dominating you and leading you to your doom, basically everything we do in life, or what we turned out to be in life is the result of what we think in our mind, our mind is who we are, and the much we can be or the little we can be, depends on what goes on in our mind.

So Queen C Star the Jamaican Artists in her work which she titled “Self-Gratification” depicts in her work the female pattern of thought, with dots that can represent the different details our mind can pick on at different times, and the mirror images of the girl in the graphical work that depict the reflection of our thought and how it connect to different activities in our everyday life.

Like she said “As I Think, I Evolve in the Direction of my Thoughts” as the human think in our heart we act because out of the abundance of the belly the mouth speak and not only speak but act too and in this world, distraction is everywhere, thinking productively can be a hard task if you’re not disciplined enough because lots of things will take your attention and thrill you to the point that 24hours will be like 2hours and more time you’ll want without putting to good use the hours spent, more like busy doing nothing.

The beautiful thing about art is the meaning they hold inside, attractive and colorful patterns that gets our attention and make our stare worth the while, sinking into us the message embedded in them.

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