Self VAL.ID.AT.ION, Strong Drug

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Power of Art

”I drew this two years ago..decided to color it in now…I do ALOT and not all is seen despite all the creations I put out. When I tell you the creation never ends….it doesn’t. Creation is my drug. But anywayz…Drugs do not only come in the form of a liquid, puff, or pill. Emotional drugs can be just as strong as the drugs of substance.

A person can be your drug, a place can be your drug, an idea in your mind can be a drug, a specific emotion can be your drug. In my experience dealing with myself some time in the past and alot of souls then and now….one of the strongest drugs is VAL.ID.AT.ION! When you find everlasting validation, affirmation, approval, permission, love, confidence, acceptance in YOURSELF….You have conquered pretty much the biggest drug of them all. Self Validation is void of ego and the feeling that others owe you a gaaazaaaamnn thing.


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Self validation is security in yourself without others projections around you knowing the only person that owes you anything truly is YOU. When you do things for any bit or approval from others you will be chasing something so impossible…You will always be tired. Do not chase…but simply align with your destiny, put energy to what truly makes you happy…Whether the world sees/loves it or not! If YOU.DO, THATS IT BABY.

You may not see yourself as JUST as powerful as the natural/magical/infinite elements around you…but you are a reflection of it and you have a lot more power than you think. Co.Sign.Yourself. Vote for yourself. Invest in yourself….”

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