Selfie Morning Rituals

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Fashion Girl Selfie It’s a culture, my tradition, maybe a ritual but I can’t help not performing it before leaving the house in the morning, it’s how I get into the mood and the vibe of the day, how I get to appreciate the creativity of the combination of my outfit, the final look that will get me those compliments I deserve, it’s my selfie game and I don’t joke with it, getting better at it every day.

Grateful for this generation and its technology and lifestyle, the activities that makes our day and the gadgets that contribute to the fun in our lives, making living stressless and assisting your ideas and creativity, helping you bring them to life all you just have to do is think it and be creative, make it interesting every time.

The culture of taking pictures have changed over the years, it get more interesting by the day, the world now appreciate photos and saving every moment for future reference maybe, telling our story to the unborn generations already, giving them something to relate to when they finally exist, our way of life and how we have fun, our we think and the gadgets that are trending during our time, our style of civilization, something they can build upon to make their daily life more interesting and fun, the road to their own civilization of their time, to better the much that has been created.Selfie Game

That cliché quote of life that usually says the parent will always want their kids to be better than them is a universal way of life, even the universe thinks like that, taking a look at since when the world has been existing, every generation better the time and raise the bar of civilization, even when some of their way of life threatens humanity. The universe better itself and controls everything in it, the universe causes change, guess that’s why its constant, everything have to change at one point, just as the world is changing rapidly right now, new cultures and way of life and thinking and motivations to better us and better the world and treating it good to make it a better place is really the culture of now.

Every of my daily look I love because it reflects me and my ideas and what’s going on in my head, my struggles and my pain, my fun and hopes, my own way of saving the moment, it’s all about creating beautiful memories every time, everyday is another day to dress and look beautiful.Selfie