Sex and Creativity

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Sexy Art

It’s all about you and the respect of you, the appreciation of your body and how well you listen to the call of your body, how you listen to the body, listening to the body is the creativity that we tap into because the body is in a constant state of creating because the mind is always busy, we are always thinking and that’s a creating process but translating it into reality, the transition of thought and dreams and making it, bringing it to life, the artistry.

Sex too, your body calls, your body want satisfaction, your body want to be lighted up, to be burned with pleasure and heat from another body and just as you want it you get it, sometimes even more and even if it’s less, you’ve answer the call of your body, you’ve satisfied it the best way you can.

Art of Sex

It’s all about listening and wanting more than the last time, new discoveries, new reality and experience, new boundaries, you determine it all, limitless life, limitless experience and everything that lives here in this place, earth and it fullness, it’s all about creation because it was created and everything that’s been created have the ability to create other things, that’s the essence of creation, it’s a music that never stops, the pleasure that take different pitch to fit time, to make nature and life interesting and not boring for people to want to stay here to create more, rather than wanting to run way to a new land they only hear about but have not been, greener pastures they find, they just want to survive even if survival is forever lifeless.

Pleasure we create, sex art we are, time paint us on its canvas, how we create life and pleasure with erotic hands that carve the body with every of its move, up and down, the body, ideas we bring to life with lust to cater for the need of men, that’s the purpose of creation, to create a solution, to ease a pain and put a smile, joy and hunger for more, we all want peace, we want romance, we want it all, so create, so have sex, even more.