Sex and Our Imagination

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Sexy Neon Sex, oh beautiful sex, the word you don’t get to say often because of what it means and the picture of what it paints, lust and naked bodies, kisses and penetration, soft voice and pleasure, climax and satisfaction, refreshing and addictive because of what it does to your body and soul and mind, it completes you and makes you different with almost a new sense, it betters you but you don’t get to say because it’s illicit and raw, it’s meant for the indoor and your mind, oh the world we live in, where we can’t talk about what we love and enjoy.

Creativity, your mind just flow into it, just as it think and listen to those voices in your head that you can’t control, creativity just form but often times people don’t listen to it because of the condition attached to it, the commitment and the dedication to make it work, and soon the brain get used to it like that, but every sacrifice is always worth it.

Beautiful Sex

The imaginations and fantasizing about sex put a different smile on your face, even your thinking and the picture it paint in your head, you think differently and nothing at that point really will distract you, of how you’ll want to have sex, how you want your body to feel and how you’ll love to be touched, the climax you want to reach, maybe how you want to be filled even, the kind of voice and talk you’ll want to hear, you imagine in details and you enjoy it, that’s sex for you.

Sex really makes your body function differently, your body will surprise you sometimes even, on how it will react to some kind of touch and you’ll wonder what happens to the body you used to have, sometimes it’s like illusion coming to life, and most times, especially when you’ve crave for it in a while you’ll usually want it to be perfect how you’ve pictured it and you’ll do almost anything to make it so, to get that pleasure the right way you want it.

Sex Art

So if you can do that much for sex making it a beautiful reality, you can do that much for your dreams and aspiration because it all happens in the brain and the brain can function how you want it to, so don’t just paint beautiful sexual scenes, paint beautiful future too.